About Us

At Friends Addict, we are in the process of creating a new networking App. The soul idea of the App is to find Friends nearby and connect with them, this app will give you the chance to connect with interesting people around you and get to know them, in order to do that we are working to make that experience seamless and fun for you.

Once there are enough users on board, we are planning to create a categorised search so that we could give a new experience. Our aim is to develop a hyper local social platform. For instance, if you could find someone who could finish off your homework nearby, when you have to attend a family function? I know this sounds pretty and let us assure you that it's one of the things which we have under our sleeves..

Imagine if you could find the person you were born next to, it's a small world after all. The world is a place of infinite possibilities and we would like to exploit is as much as possible. We have some exciting plans for the users and to get to know them keep following our blog to know about whatever has been lined up.Subscribe with us for personalised emails regarding our plans,updates and amazing blogs..

Sending a Wink (Can use some word which is More Appropriate) to someone if you're Interested in them.

Both of them must exchange Winks to show a Mutual Interest. Once a Mutual Interest is seen, both of them will be able to check each other's profile and messaging feature will be unlocked.